Here at Big Man Theory our mission is simple – provide you with products focussed on enhancing the Men’s grooming experience. So you can be Cool!

Big Man Theory

We are a Mumbai based Men’s approachable, easy to choose, cool brand dedicated to providing the complete toolbox essential for the all-round grooming experience. All our products are easy to use and fit seamlessly into your daily grooming routine.

BMT Assurance

Our ethically sourced premium products are made with a focus to address the common problems faced by men like hair fall, skin pigmentation, lip discoloration. We are not just focussed on our loyal customers but also our products are Cruelty free, Paraben free, Sulphate free and our packaging is made from sustainable materials. Everything from our Lip balm to Beard wash has been quality checked and approved by ensuring we are providing you with the best possible quality. At Big Man Theory, we aspire to bring simplicity to grooming.

Know Rahul & Amit

Big Man Theory is the brainchild of Brothers Rahul and Amit. The brand was born out of their love for keeping a beard. Both are entrepreneurs & grooming connoisseurs by choice & sheer passion.

Rahul Temkar is a Hotel & Tourism Management graduate from Mumbai. He is an ex-hotelier who has dedicated 12 years to the hospitality Industry. Speaks fluent Harvey Specter & Plays the man! Photography runs in his blood, Passionate footballer, though he can’t bend it like Beckham.

Amit Bhosale is an electrical engineer with over 10 years of extensive experience. His main field of interest includes Project Management, Procurement, Supply chain Management and Vendor development and operations.

Our story

For the love of beard….

The story of Big Man Theory began with my yearning to keep a Beard. My primary profession was in the Hospitality industry. That is where I started dreaming of this idea. As per the industry norms of hotels, I was not allowed to keep a beard however well-groomed it may be. But I was passionate about keeping one.  So, the first opportunity I got to keep a beard when I left the industry, I did. Have had one since then.

Then started the journey of maintaining and keeping the style. I realized it’s a whole new world and kept being drawn to the idea of doing something related to beard and men’s grooming.

I enrolled my childhood best friend and confidante Amit into this plan. We wanted to make a range which is very easy going, cool & appealing to all the men and relatable as their personal grooming choice, not borrowed or common for the household.  Uncountable brainstorms and discussions later, the seeds of our own Men’s grooming brand started brewing in our mind. With our busy work schedules & few other complications the idea didn’t take flight immediately. Then came the pandemic and with passing time the need of self-sustenance and stability was of prime importance. We realized there couldn’t be a better time to put flight to our ideas. its only Now or never and so BIG MAN THEORY was born.




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