Shower Gel



combination of Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Willowbrook extracts.
(Cleans & hydrates the body)

Product Description

The refreshing Aloe vera based Big Man Theory Shower Gel infused with Cucumber &
Willowbrook extracts is a tube full of freshness. Aloe vera being antioxidant & an antiseptic,
its antibacterial properties help fight body odour and dead skin build up caused by the
environment and pollution. Cucumber & Willowbrook extracts are tried & tested cleansing
agents known for its ability to enhance the cleanliness & freshness & hydrating the body from inside.

Features of BMT Shower GeL

  • Antioxidant & antiseptic
  • Nourishes and moisturises the body
  • Prevents build-up of dead skin
  • Fights body odour
  • ¬†Fights infection and germs
  • Pleasant Fragrance

Product Details

  • 100 ml Tub
  • Fights Germs
  • Contains Aloe Vera & Cucumber
  • Enriched with Willowbrook extracts.

Directions for Use

  • Wet Your Body
  • Squeeze a dollop of the shower gel onto the loofah & rub against your skin forming a lather
  • Lather all over your body & rinse thoroughly with water
  • Pat dry with a towel


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